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The GLC Team

Glenn Lege Construction is proud to employ some of the best men and women in our industry. Our team of hard-working, knowledgable and dedicated professionals is what truly make this company stand out and allows us to stay on the cutting edge.


We seek to give our team a strong foundation on which to showcase their skills and grow with each new day and project. This company offers a place to belong and to feel supported in life and in your career path. We believe that when you offer people acceptance and the opportunity to strive towards new goals, they can truly reach their highest potentials.




"I’ve been working for Mr. Glenn for over 23 years, Sap.  Glenn Lege Construction is my home and a great place to work with opportunity for growth and progression.  I began with a crew as an operator and just stuck with it.  I enjoy the construction industry and like what we do.  From subdivisions and roads, to sitework and special projects, I’ve had the opportunity to do a bit of everything over the past 20+ years at Glenn Lege Construction.  Having said that, my favorite thing about working here are the people I work with every day.  It’s been great working with Mr. Glenn all these years.  As far as I’m concerned, there’s no better family to be part of and that’s why I look forward to another 20 years."




"I left the oilfield industry and began working for Mr. Glenn back in 1996 so close to 27 years ago.  I was starting a family and wanted to be home every night and Mr. Glenn gave me that opportunity.  I started as a dump truck driver hauling material for the company and worked my way up to a supervisor position over the years.  Glenn Lege Construction is a fast-growing company with great leadership.  I’m appreciative of how loyal they are to their employees and vise-versa.  Glenn Lege and his family are good people, and he treats all his employees with respect as he has for me over the past 3 decades.  I love my job and plan on having well over 30 years here when I retire."




"My employment at Glenn Lege Construction is a bit unique, as I am one of only a couple employees who complete a very specific set of tasks.  I started working for the company in 2016 when I changed industries to construction.  My first position was a quality control technician for asphalt and then soil cement on the road.  In 2018 I had the opportunity to begin working in the asphalt plant’s QC lab where I got certified in asphalt design.  I’ve seen the plant and asphalt operations change with numerous upgrades over the years, and I’m proud to be part of that advancement.  I enjoy working at Glenn Lege Construction because of how personable of a company it is.  The job and company fit me well and I have utmost trust in the company’s leadership.  I’m proud to be part of the organization and would encourage anyone who works hard and wants to succeed in a meaningful career to join our team."




 “I previously worked as a mechanic for a large equipment company in the Heavy Earth Movers division.  I came over to Glenn Lege Construction in November 2017 to further my knowledge in the construction industry and work for a more family-oriented company.  Working at Glenn Lege gave me an opportunity for advancement to work in different divisions to include the Shop, Plant, and Truck Shop, overseeing maintenance and repair of all equipment and vehicles.  We have an excellent team of 19 knowledgeable and experienced mechanics, shop hands, and administrative personnel.  Our team all work well together and we complete thousands of repairs and maintenance orders every year on over 200+ pieces of equipment.  Outside looking in, I was not aware of all the different services Glenn Lege Construction offered.  The company works on everything from house pads to huge site facilities and is still expanding.  I see myself remaining at GLC for many years to come and encourage anyone considering a great career in construction to join our team at GLC."




“Like other, I came to work at Glenn Lege Construction from the oil field industry.  I wanted a change and was referred to the company from a previous coworker who spoke highly of Mr. Glenn and his organization.  I started in September 2016 as a receptionist and also worked in accounts payable.  I just recently changed divisions to project administration and accounts receivable.  I am enjoying working with our many customers and learning the ins and outs of project administration.  The different tasks and positions over the years has allowed me to grow with the company and the opportunity for upward mobility is a great benefit.   One of the best things about GLC are the people.  They started out as coworkers, became friends, and are now family.  I’m thankful to work with so many great people.  I see myself remaining employed at GLC for many years to come."




"I’ve been working for Glenn Lege Construction since 2002.  I was a driver hauling equipment for the preexisting company before Mr. Glenn purchased it.  It started small and grew and I’m glad to have been a part of the entire process.  It’s just unbelievable how well he treats people, especially his employees.  Mr. Glenn would give you the shirt off his back and he treats his employees with respect while always going out of his way to help anytime he can, he’s a Superman.  It is the people and leadership that keep me here.  The only way I’ll retire is if Mr. Glenn himself retires, so as long as he’s working, I’ll be here and remain dedicated to Glenn Lege Construction. "

Hear What Our Employees Have to Say


We are always looking to add new, dedicated members to our team. Check out our list of current open positions to find your perfect fit.

Company Events


An exhaustively fun time hosted by Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Patricia Lege in appreciation for all of the hard work that all of the GLC family has put in over the last year. The kind people at Coburn's of Lafayette helped provide food. Family-oriented games and attractions for adults and children alike were abundant with everything from horse rides to bounce pod races and tug-of-war. The day was capped off with a massive prize give-away rallied together by many of our suppliers, sub-contractors, and Mr. and Mrs. Lege themselves. Each employee walked away with a prize in hand. The day was a true and successful team effort that embodies what it means to be a part of the Glenn Lege Construction team!


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